Along with a large display of exhibits, mostly donated by local people, we also have an excellent reference library, which includes many documents relating to the town. There is also a large photographic archive too, which features a number of pictures depicting the people and the past of the Whitworth Valley, and we are always happy for people to come along and help to put names to many of the faces. Perhaps you will find a relative in there, or even an old school friend, you never know! Many local historians and writers make extensive use of our archives and reference material, and we may have something that may be of help to your research.


We would appreciate any old photographs (particularly Churches, Chapels, Street Scenes, Old Inns, School Groups etc. which we would be happy to copy and return if required. Many elderly relatives often have old pictures and material which is often thrown away or disposed of when they pass away, yet these items may often be of great interest to the current and future generations. We would be more than happy to receive these and add them to our archives if you would like to donate any of them. If you have anything like this please do come along and have a chat with us, or contact us via one of the addresses or numbers shown on this website, we would like to know about them.


Many people visit the museum to try and find details of their family's history, and Society Committee member Paula Bradbury offers a Genealogical Research service which may be able to help, to download a copy of Paula's poster and contact details please click here.

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