The Society have a programme of monthly lectures, which are usually held on the first Wednesday in every month, between the months of October and June, and the start time is 7.30pm. Below is a list of talks to be held during the winter of 2019/2020.

Where the title is shown as a blue link you can click on it to download the event poster, or alternatively, you can download our entire programme in .pdf format from this link or by clicking on the image below:

2019-2020 Winter Talks Programme

October 2nd 2019 'CLOCKS AND THEIR STORIES' by Keith Mellor

We all have clocks of various types in our homes. Some are decorative others purely functional but many have a story associated with them. Keith brings along 12 of his own clocks each having its own particular story.

The AGM is open to members and non members alike and is an opportunity for us to review
the year's performance and what we have in mind for the future. Delicious potato pie supper
to round off the evening!
December 4th 2019 'MY LIFE AT HARRODS - INSIDER'S STORY' by Maxine Jaager

Maxine gives a sometimes humorous insight into the 'behind the scenes' workings of this famous, and expensive, Knightsbridge store without the need to take out your purse or wallet.

Former policemen Andy has received over 20 commendations for his work in the force and gives us an account of his own personal journey through his impressive working career.
February 5th 2020 '120 YEARS OF ELLEN SMITH' by Paul Targett

Ellen Smith's motor coaches have been a familiar sight in the Rochdale area for 120 years now and many of us, particularly in the 1950's and 60's, enjoyed their holiday tours to various parts of Britain. The company remains strong and its history interesting.
March 4th 2020 'THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN' - 80TH ANNIVERSARY by Brian Furness

2020 sees the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, an event which many believe shaped the final outcome of WW2. The dark days of 1940 saw Britain stand alone against the might of the Nazi regime which had already conquered much of Western Europe.
April 1st 2020 'A STUDY OF BELLE VUE' by Frank Rhodes & Brian Selby

You may be surprised to learn that the history of Belle Vue Zoological Gardens goes back to 1836 and at its peak attracted over two million visitors each year. In more recent times many will remember its amusement park, greyhound racing, motorcycle speedway and its famous circus. Frank and Brian remind us of the popularity of this once thriving attraction which was (almost) on our doorstep.
May 6th 2020 'EAST LANCASHIRE RAILWAY' by David Wright

Few things give as much pleasure and stir feelings of nostalgia than the sight of a steam engine pulling a train through the British countryside. Fortunately, we have such a railway in nearby Rawtenstall.
June 3rd 2020 'PADIHAM - THEN & NOW' by Ann & Bob Clark

Like many of our towns and villages, Padiham has seen many changes over the years. Residents Ann and Bob have made a study of the changes in their town.

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